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Substitute Teaching at Flour Bluff ISD

Thank you for your interest in substituting for the Flour Bluff Independent School District and becoming our Partner in Education.

Substitute teaching is an important educational component in our schools and we appreciate your efforts in helping to facilitate the learning process. Whether you are a returning substitute or applying to substitute for the first time, we want your experience in Flour Bluff to be a positive one for both you and the students

Information located on this site is provided to help you navigate through our substitute system and to provide answers to questions you may have regarding your ultimate substitute experience.

NEW! 6/2016:

The Substitute Office is NOW currently accepting new substitute applications.

Note: Completing the substitute application does not guarantee a substitute teaching position.

Substitute Pay Scale:

  • $9.00/hr – High School Diploma or its equivalent or Associates degree.
  • $10.35/hr – Bachelor or Master degree from an accredited college, Teaching Certificate from other state than Texas.
  • $11.75/hr – Hold a valid Texas Teaching Certificate.
  • *$18.75/hr – Certified Long Term assignment after the 15th day in a consecutive assignment.
  • $12.95/hr – Registered or Licensed Nurse serving in a nursing assignment.

*Long Term Substitute Pay: A long term substitute must hold a Valid Texas Teaching Certificate

*Please note that long term substitute pay begins on day 16 of the same professional substitute assignment and remains in effect as long as the substitute has continuous employment in that assignment.

Should a break in service occur, the pay reverts back to the standard substitute pay until the substitute works another 15 consecutive days in the same assignment.

Long term assignments are assigned by the Substitute Services Administrator.

FBISD Substitute Process:

  1. All applicants must complete one (1) online substitute application for all substitute positions.
  2. Your application and references will be reviewed, and if selected, you will be scheduled to interview. If recommended, you will be required to attend a New Substitute Orientation.
  3. At least two (2) current letters of recommendation are required before employment.
  4. One (1) reference must be from a previous or current supervisor.
  5. References do not need to be school district related; general work related references are acceptable.
  6. All Substitutes are required to provide an Official High School or College Transcript. Certified teachers must also provide a copy of their Teaching Certificate.
  7. In order to be fingerprinted, you MUST take the “Fast Fingerprint Pass Form” to your appointment. You CANNOT be fingerprinted without a FAST Fingerprint Pass.
    1. The Substitute Services Administrator at FBISD will request the FAST Fingerprint Pass from TEA after you have been recommended to hire. The pass will be emailed directly to you from the Substitute Services Administrator at FBISD.
  8. You will be required to pay the fees associated with the TB Skin test and Fingerprinting process.

Senate Bill 9, also known as the “Fingerprinting Bill”, was signed into law by Governor Perry in the Fall of 2007. This bill requires that all substitutes undergo a national criminal history record information review by the all substitutes undergo a national criminal history record information review by the Texas Education Agency (TEA). Therefore, before you can be employed as a substitute in Flour Bluff ISD, you will be required to provide your fingerprints to be checked against the national criminal history database.

Substitutes are contacted on an as needed basis; therefore, it is impossible for Flour Bluff ISD to guarantee definite assignments or any frequency of assignments. Substitutes must understand that they have agreed to make themselves available to serve Flour Bluff ISD upon the need of their services. Flour Bluff ISD uses AESOP system to schedule assignments.

For more information regarding your application status, please contact the Substitute Office at:

  • Kim Howard, Substitute Services Administrator
  • Email: khoward@flourbluffschools.net
  • Phone: (361) 694-9201
  • Substitute Office
  • Flour Bluff ISD Administration Building
  • 2505 Waldron Rd
  • Corpus Christi, TX 78418
  • Main Phone: (361) 694-9000
  • Fax: (361) 694-9800

AESOP's help page and video links for subs


Substitute Teacher Advanced AESOP training Guide:


Flour Bluff ISD Substitute Teacher FAQ

What substitute jobs do you have?

Substitute Teachers (can sub as a teacher or paraprofessional)

Substitute Nurses (must hold an LVN or RN license)

When can I apply? Do you only hire during certain times of the year?

Applications will be accepted throughout the school year.

How do I apply?

On the Flour Bluff school website under: Employment - Substituting in FBISD .

Can I complete a paper application instead of online?

No – all applications are online

I don't have a computer with Internet access. How can I apply?

We have one computer at the Administration building that can be used or the Public Library offers their computers for use. Please note that we use the AESOP system to fill absences. This system requires internet access.

Can I apply for Substitute and for a full-time position at the same time?

Yes – it is very common to apply for multiple positions within the District at the same time.

Do you hire everyone that applies?

No – FBISD receives applications from many more applicants than we can hire. As current substitutes leave us for other jobs, or because they are hired into full-time positions with FBISD, we hire new substitutes to replace them.

What are the minimum requirements for Substitute?

You must have a high school diploma or GED to be a substitute at FBISD

I was a Substitute for FBISD in the past. Will I be hired automatically if I apply?

No- you must reapply and go through the hiring process again.

I've applied for Substitute with FBISD but have not been selected. What am I doing wrong?

We base all hiring decisions on merit, and always attempt to select the most qualified applicants available – that generally means that fully certified, experienced applicants would be selected for substitute teacher first.
It is also based on the need of new substitutes.

What is the current pay for Substitute?

FBISD pays substitutes on an hourly basis. The rate depends on your education level.

  • High School/GED - $9.00 / hr
  • Bachelor/Master Degree - $10.35 / hr
  • Texas Certified Teacher - $11.75 / hr
  • RN/LVN - $12.95 / hr

What documents do I need to provide if I am hired for Substitute?

If you are selected for hire, you will have to provide the following documents during the hiring process:

  • Proof of Education completed (Transcript or Diploma or Certification)
  • Copies of any professional licenses (RN, LVN)
  • 2 forms of ID for employment eligibility
  • 2 letters of recommendation

Can I provide these documents when I apply?

Yes - you can bring them to the interview or upload them with you application. These items are not required prior to interviewing.

What is Orientation?

AFTER an applicant is selected for hire as a substitute, they are scheduled to attend a FBISD New Substitute Orientation prior to taking their first assignment.
At the Orientation, new substitutes receive training on District policies and procedures, various pay issues, the Districts on-line assignment system

I am a retiree. Can I be hired as a Substitute?

Yes – many of our substitute teachers are TRS retirees. Generally, TRS retirees can substitute an unlimited number of days during the school year when substituting for a regular employee.
It is always the retiree's responsibility to understand the TRS rules and how the rules impact their work and retirement benefits.

I am currently a Substitute at another school district in Corpus Christi, can I sub at FBISD without applying?

No- FBISD is its own Independent School District. You must complete the substitute process that is in place within the district.