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Activities by Campus

Elementary School - Extracurricular Activities

Good Choice Club

Students who demonstrate appropriate behavior and return all papers to school with a parent signature may participate in an end-of-the six weeks celebration. A student who is sent to the office for disruptive behavior is out of the Good Choice Club for that six weeks' reporting period.


Jazzy Bees

4th grade boys and girls participate in Jazzy Bees to promote and uphold school spirit, develop good sportsmanship, uphold high standards at school and special events, and perform dance steps to music. Dancers must maintain a 80 or above average in all classes and be in the Good Choice Club to be eligible to participate. They perform at sporting events, the senior citizens center, nursing homes, city hall, and for PTA meetings.


Student Council

A representative student is elected from each 3rd and 4th grade classroom to attend meetings every Wednesday morning before school. The purpose of belonging to Student Council is to learn to work as a team and to promote responsible citizenship habits. They work on special projects as determined by the students and sponsor.


In addition the Elementary also offers:

  • Jazzy Bees (4th Grade Only)
  • Running Club
  • Science Fair
  • Student Council
  • Chess Club
  • Technology Explorers (4th Grade Only)
  • UIL—Spelling, Oral Reading, Storytelling, Music Memory, Number Sense