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Jazzy Bees
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Role of Dance Members

As a member of the Flour Bluff Elementary Dance Team you are representing our school and community. As a member you shall promote and uphold school spirit, develop good sportsmanship among students and adults, and uphold high standards at school as well as at athletic and community events.

Duties and Responsibilities
A. Practices and Eventsd
* Report to practice dressed appropriately and ready to participate.
* Practices will be held at least once a week or a maximum of two times a week.
* All absences need to be cleared through one of the sponsors prior to practice or scheduled event.

B. Expectations and Standards

* Dancers must obtain "A", "AB" or all "B's" in all classes and be in the Good Choice Club to be eligible to participate.
* Dancers will wear the official uniform when designated by the sponsor and on Fridays.
* Hair must be kept out of the face.
* No make-up.
* Jewelry should not be worn for safety reasons. Ear studs are okay.
* Dancers need to provide own transportation to and from practices and events.

Probation for the remainder of the year will occur if the students violates one of the following:
1. receives one grade on report card of 79 or below
2. is not in Good Choice Club
3. has one unexcused absence from a performance
4. has two unexcused absences from practice
5. has a combination of three unexcused tardies or late pick ups

During probation, the dancer will continue to attend and participate in all practices and scheduled events.

Once on probation, if another violation of the stated rules occurs, then the dancer will be dismissed from the team for the remainder of the school year.

Financial Responsibility
A. Fundraisers
* There will be two fundraisers per year.

B. Expenses
* Parents will pay a fee of $75.00 which will include a uniform. Dancers must have white tennis shoes and white socks. Any monies needed in excess of $75.00 will be taken from the team's fundraisers and/or sponsors.

C. Policies
* All money must be turned in by the due date or membership will be denied.
* If a dancer quits or is removed from the team, expenses will not be refunded.

Flour Bluff Elementary is
Best of the Best”

Yearly Performances
  • Flour Bluff Hornet Football Games
  • Homecoming Parade
  • PTA Meeting
  • Harbor Lights Parade
  • Texas A&M Islanders
  • Flour Bluff Comunity Talent Show
  • Buc Days Parade
  • Jazzy Bee "Grand Finale"
Award Winners

Homecoming Parade
1st Place Marching Unit

Harbor Lights Parade
3rd Place Best Costume

Buc Days Parade
4th Place Dance Team

Award Winners

Homecoming Parade
1st Place Marching Unit

Harbor Lights Parade
1st Place Best Overall
1st Place Best Drill Team
2nd Place Best Performance
3rd Place Best Costumes

Talent Show
1st Place - 3rd Graders
2nd Place - 4th Graders

Buc Days Parade
4th Place Dance Team

Award Winners

Talent Show
1st Place - 4th Graders
2nd Place - 3rd Graders
Buc Days Parade
1st Place Best Dance Team

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